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To inquire about availability, please complete the order form below and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.

*For same week orders, please send a follow up email to: info@tinykitchentreats.com after submitting your order form with "URGENT ORDER FOR (your last name)" in the subject line so we know to watch out for something coming in hot.

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Don't worry, we communicate mainly via email so we won't be calling to tell you that you've won a free cruise. We ask because we've found that it's good to have a phone number handy, just in case.
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Date You Need Your Order By
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Time You Need Your Order By
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We use almond extract in our sugar cookies and icing, so let us know if this is something you'd rather not have. However, please note that they will be produced in a kitchen that uses this ingredient.
*1 dozen minimum for cookies
This is where you let us know as much as you can about your order ie: design, theme, colors, etc. or you can tell us what they're for and we can make some suggestions.
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Tell us how you want your cookies packaged. Please note all packaging includes an ingredient label.
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Be sure to include unit/floor/suite number and point of contact.
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Would you like us to include a complimentary hand written card with your order? (*Please not that this is one card per order- not per cookie)
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This order form is the beginning of a conversation. Only a settled invoice guarantees availability. Why? Custom cookies are labor intensive (the base layer of icing alone takes 24 hours to dry so please note that next day orders are not possible). Due to the nature of our craft and our popularity, our calendar books up weeks ahead of time (longer during the holidays). It's the nature of what we do since ever single thing we make is custom designed.