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Marisol Morley is a first-generation, born-and-bred New Yorker. She grew up in the heart of the Upper East Side, in a fourth floor walkup, with her parents, two siblings, and one tiny kitchen.

There she learned that limited space was never an excuse for quality or quantity. On any given night, endless tapas, a beautiful Paella and pitchers of Sangria would magically emerge from their small kitchen.

Marisol was five when she asked her mother to teach her to make a cake. Pretty soon she was making meringues, coconut ice cream, Colombian parva cookies and flan.

Twenty-five years, a career in the music industry, and many other jobs later, she went back to her roots. What started as a pastime of making cookie boxes as gifts for friends and family, lead to the birth of Tiny Kitchen Treats.

In 2017, Marisol moved the team into their little bakeshop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Even though the kitchen is much bigger nowadays- Marisol still lives on the Upper East side with her husband, their two kids, and her not-so-tiny dream. 

loren stanard

Graduating from culinary school as one of the only girls in her class, Loren set out to learn everything she could about the world of food. From working as a chef on the line to starting her own business in her hometown of Charleton, Massachusetts- where she baked up everything from cookies and cakes to muffins and macarons, Loren has a fire few people her age have and a heart as big as her ever-present smile.

We met Loren when Sugar Monster sent out the call for help during the Tiny Monster Harrods Gingerbread Emergency of 2017 (our team of 8 built a 5 ft scaled replica in 3 days). Loren drove 4 hours and came in, guns blazing and we sort of never let her leave.

She is now a Brooklyn girl and mastering her royal icing skills as our head sugar artist. You can find her wearing a tie-dye dachshund t-shirt in 40-degree winter (“It wasn’t that cold today), learning the subway system, and using her green thumb to tend to her ever-growing herb garden at home.

Stephanie espinal
head baker | treatmaker


When we first met Stephanie, she told us about her crazy Dominican family and her deep and unwavering love of baking. She described, in passionate detail, the laborious process of folding layers of butter and dough to make the perfect flakey croissant and the hard-work it took to start her donut business. We knew right away that this fellow butter lover was the perfect fit for our foodie girl boss team.

This NYC girl graduated from Albany with her geography major and now  spends most of her time traveling (read: eating) her way around the globe- noshing on Japanese ramen, enjoying fresh tacos and ice-cold micheladas in Mexico, or hunting down the perfect baguette and beurre in the south of France (hello flight attendant perks).

Even though Steph's career is spent in the sky, she spends her days off on land, here at the shop, cracking us up with her never-ending wit, stories about “runway Jesus”, and oh yeah- whipping up dough, frosting, and icing and making sure everything is baked up, “Asi como tiene que ser”. Ya tu sabes!

moni begum
assistant BAKER and TREATMAKER


Moni’s motto is “eat til your happy” and that sounds just about right to us. This hard-working food blogger spends her days at a marketing agency and her nights and weekends in her home kitchen (and when we’re lucky- with us at the shop), whipping up traditional Benghali recipes- both sweet and savory- not only for her close-knit family, but also for the world.

That's right, lucky for us (and for you!), this Queens girl shares her mouth-watering, home-style cooking on her blog, Moni’s Kitchen. We keep on hinting that we should have a pot luck, but really we just want to taste everything she makes- and if you check out her stuff, you’ll see why.

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