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Marisol Morley is a first-generation, born-and-bred New Yorker. She grew up in the heart of the Upper East Side, in a fourth floor walkup, with her parents, two siblings, and one tiny kitchen.

There she learned that limited space was never an excuse for quality or quantity. On any given night, endless tapas, a beautiful Paella and pitchers of Sangria would magically emerge from their small kitchen.

Marisol was five when she asked her mother to teach her to make a cake. Pretty soon she was making meringues, coconut ice cream, Columbian parva cookies and flan.

Twenty-five years, a career in the music industry, and many other jobs later, she has gone back to her roots. What started as a pastime of making cookie boxes as gifts for friends and family, lead to the birth of Tiny Kitchen Treats.

Not much has changed though- Marisol still lives on the Upper East side with her husband, little baby Julia, their two tiny dogs, and her not-so-tiny dream.