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Marisol Morley is a first-generation, born-and-bred New Yorker. She grew up in the heart of the Upper East Side, in a fourth floor walkup, with her parents, two siblings, and one tiny kitchen.

There, she learned that limited space was never an excuse for quality or quantity. On any given night, endless tapas, a beautiful Paella and pitchers of Sangria would magically emerge from that small-even-for-NYC kitchen.

Marisol was five when she asked her mother to teach her to make a cake. Pretty soon she was making meringues, coconut ice cream, Colombian parva cookies and flan.

Twenty-nine years, a career in the music industry, and many other jobs later, she went back to her roots. What started as a pastime of making cookie boxes as gifts for friends and family, lead to the birth of Tiny Kitchen Treats.

In 2017, Marisol moved the team into their current bakeshop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Even though the kitchen is much bigger nowadays and Tiny Kitchen Treats cookies are in HIGH demand – by royals and top brands alike— the shop still keeps the order minimum at a dozen in a long-promised effort to keep their cookies accessible.

Marisol still lives on the Upper East Side, just down the block from that old brownstone, with her husband, their two kids, a menagerie of plants, and her not-so-tiny dream. 

Denise flores
Shop manager


As shop manager, Denise is the glue that holds TKT together. You can find this born and bred UWS girl bouncing around at the shop, graciously managing both the FOH and BOH, seamlessly answering client emails while guiding her staff on the day’s tasks.

The shop mainly comprises of folks from all different walks of life, but Denise has known her calling was in pastry for a while now. In fact, she’s been so honed-in that she studied business management at Fordham University and pastry at ICE (New York City’s prestigious Institute of Culinary Education)…and here we are- very happy that she did.

Aside from being the world’s most efficient multi-tasker and existing on a diet comprising solely of candy, snacks, and cream cheese- Denise enjoys spending time with her baby nieces, singing loudly to RnB, and engaging in competitive anything with her family. In fact, Steve Harvey- if you’re reading this, you need to have the Flores family on Family Feud, because they’re already watching and yelling like they’re playing.

Kimberly Fink
Head Sugar Artist


Kimberly goes by Kim- but it doesn’t matter whether you you call her Kimber, Berly, Kimmie, KimKim , or KK (we’ve tried) Kim is a team-playing, go-getter and will “answer to whatever”.

Kimmy’s laid back attitude, paired with her wanderlust spirit, made her a shoe-in for Team Tiny’s band of misfits.

Born and raised in Nanuet (Rockland county), Kimber attended Pratt institute and majored in fine art- concentrating in drawing. From there, she went on a bohemian adventure, moving 12 times, with a two year stint in Vermont (knowing Kimmie- it was probably for the cheese), and culminating with a sharp turn right for a vet tech degree.

Since then she’d been looking for “something that sticks” and with the birth of her own home baking business- she was finally happily stuck. Ironic that it ended up being dough- a pretty sticky material, if you will, but we digress.

When Berly is not at the shop using her fancy fine art skills on cookies or making surprisingly savage comments (for a sweet-as-Tupelo-honey kinda gal), she enjoys playing video games, lifting heavy things at the gym, riding her motorcycle (yeah, she’s a bad ass), and making risky emotional investments in TV characters.

Stephanie espinal
Head baker


When we first met Stephanie, she told us about her crazy Dominican family and her deep and unwavering love of baking. She described, in passionate detail, the laborious process of folding layers of butter and dough to make the perfect flakey croissant and the hard-work it took to start her donut business. We knew right away that this fellow butter lover was the perfect fit for our foodie girl boss team.

This NYC girl graduated from Albany with her geography major and now spends most of her time traveling (read: eating) her way around the globe- noshing on Japanese ramen, enjoying fresh tacos and ice-cold micheladas in Mexico, or hunting down the perfect baguette and beurre in the south of France (hello flight attendant perks).

Even though Steph's career is spent in the sky, she spends her days off on land, here at the shop, cracking us up with her never-ending wit, stories about “runway Jesus”, and oh yeah- whipping up dough, frosting, and icing and making sure everything is baked up, “Asi como tiene que ser”. Ya tu sabes!

rebecca shmuluvitz
assistant BAKER and TREATMAKER

Becca came to us after answering a random Facebook job posting. She let us know that she’s is a local Brooklyn artist who also decorates cookies and lives right in Crown Heights. Thank you, creepy yet clearly on point, Facebook algorithm.

Now, this Maryland Institute College of art grad spends half of her week making edible art. When she’s not piping intricate artwork onto cookie canvases or riding her bike around Brooklyn to beat traffic, you can find Becca posing for pictures with Dire wolves, and painting in her Gowanus studio for her art residency at Trestle Art Space.

jessica lucius
director of social media


Who wants to play with dolls when you can have your own Food Network challenges with your little brother and sister? Not this Ohio girl. From intense sibling baking championships to assisting her dad in bear-shaped bread-making, Jessica grew up on a steady diet of playing with food.

And so, it’s no surprise that this self-taught baker and food artist knew early on that she had to find a way to stay a kid forever- and find a job that allowed her to play with her food for a living - enter stage right: her crazy creative insta account, Luxe and the Lady.

Aside from curating her own successful insta- Jessica heads the social team here at TKT- making sure we give our followers a steady stream of cool cookie pictures.

When she’s not in the kitchen curating insanely cute (and surprisingly healthy) recipes or managing TKT’s account-you can find Lucius trail-running, working out (you know, to balance out all that recipe testing), practicing her photography skills, tending her tiny balcony garden, watching movies, or playing with her baby lion head bunny, Marshmallow.

jessica tonstad
director of public relations

If a perfectly baked and decorated sugar-cookie tree falls in a ginger-bread wood, but no one is there to see it- was there even a cookie tree? According to Jessica, no.

Tonstad is someone TKT had been needing for a long time. Our long list of high-end, buttercream of the crop clients love our work- so it’s time we let everyone properly know about all of the cool stuff we do (hello Madison Square Park Gingerbread Village! ). Enter Jessica.

Born and raised in Ohio, Tonstad migrated down south for the beautiful weather and delicious, southern food (our kinda gal). As a stay at home and working mom of two boys, you could say she’s a bit of a workaholic.

Other than raising kids (which is like 10 full-time jobs) and being an all-star publicist-you can find Jessica in the kitchen, decorating cookies (she MAY have serendipitously found us after taking our Brit & Co. class), trying out new recipes for her husband and two boys or spending as much time as possible outside (and eating pizza).

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